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Please enjoy these 3 mockup samples as part of my application to the role of Copywriter, Growth.

I submitted an application through Workable on August 25th and since then, I haven't stopped thinking about how much I would love to become part of your team!


As a kinky pansexual copywriter who just refocused their career toward the SexTech industry, I'm aware that opportunities like this don't come around often. I hope this spec work demonstrates just how serious I am about this position. :)

Feeld 3way 2.jpg
1_Wall spec ad
2_TikTok spec ad
P.S. I'm clearly not a motion designer but clicking the button should spark flooding of all the other genders.
3_Blog post snippet edits. SEO, readability and clarity

History of Pansexuality

We break down the history of the term ‘pansexuality’, from psychoanalysis to glam rock and beyond.



When singer Janelle Monáe described herself as ‘pansexual’ in 2018, it became the Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary’s most-searched word of the day. The term had come a long way since its first appearance in 1914, in the guise of the term ‘pan-sexualism’ in the charmingly-named Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 

Edit for readability: The term has come a long way since its 1914 debut as ‘pan-sexualism’ in the charmingly-named Journal of Abnormal Psychology.


Today it’s a term increasing in popularity (remove: all the time) as people embrace sexual fluidity, reject binaries and redefine what attraction means for them. Pansexual, simply put, means attraction that is not limited by biological sex, gender identity or sexual orientation edit: attraction to all genders. (For brevity and to match highly suggested related words by Semrush.)


Pansexuality add: is a term that can be used by people as a way to expressly indicate a wholly inclusive (redundant, remove: expression of) sexuality(.)and one which also indicates solidarity –(should be em dash) an attraction to everyone, regardless of who they are

Edit for clarity: It also signifies solidarity with those who identify outside of the gender binary denoted in 'bisexuality'.

Thank you for reviewing!
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