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Foxy Fit Mama

Website and copy makeover.

Lindsay of Foxy Fit Mama wanted an upgrade to her personal training website that made an impact.

Through our work together, I learned more about what makes her such a unique trainer in this space and we were able to bring her personality and passion for her work into her website.

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Previous site:

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Sample of copy for home page:

Begin a fitness journey that's proven to strengthen muscle and mind.

Hi, I'm Lindsay!


I am the Owner & Founder of Foxy Fit Mama.

I lead women through incredible transformations by guiding them into a lifestyle of physical and mental strength training. 


Regardless of your level of fitness and no matter how stuck you are feeling, you possess the strength to build the life and the body that you feel amazing in. 

After a decade of carrying four children, finding my footing after divorce, coping with anxiety, depression and more, I never would’ve thought this kind of shift was possible for me.


I proudly share my “after” photos as a representation of how far I’ve come but the true magnitude of what I’ve gained from this journey can’t be captured on camera or in text. 


These are the kind of results I want for you and I’m here to say, if it could happen for me, it can definitely happen for you. 


“Let me show you how” (Button)

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