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Helping couples with kids (re)discover intimacy & desire.


During my time with Gilly, I collaborated with co-founder Erin Chen to create weekly content for the Instagram and TikTok accounts. 

The goal was to help couples with kids feel seen through a balance of fun, relatable parenting humour and informative content on intimacy and relationships. Since Gilly was made by busy parents, for busy parents, the team really wanted to convey the understanding that maintaining and deepening intimacy while parenting is no easy feat. Working with Gilly was a great opportunity to exercise my ability to adopt a brand voice—even for something outside of my personal experience!

Learn more about Gilly at

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Watch my TikTok content for Gilly at @GetGillyApp

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"How Gilly Works" Sizzle
I worked on the video, script and voiceover with direction from Erin Chen.

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