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water sign sarah

I enjoy long walks to the health food store and taking photos of flowers along the way. (Did I repurpose this line from my Bumble bio? Absolutely.)


Outranking my appetite for dairy-free ice cream is my insatiable hunger for personal development, wellness and sexual wellness. These topics consumed all of my free time until I had a thought...


Maybe I should just spend ALL of my time on these things.

Hi, I'm Sarah

She/her | Tkaronto | Cancer ☀, Libra ☾, Sagittarius ↑

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Why these topics?

With a holistic nutritionist turned corporate wellness mother, I’ve grown up in this space. While some kids were at soccer on the weekends, I was attending meditation workshops. I understand first-hand how important it is to help people feel empowered about every area of their health and I lay awake at night, dreaming up ways this can happen.

Since I never settled on a single direction to take as a practitioner in this industry, my passion is now redirected into helping wellness brands reach people who could benefit from their products and services.

If you are one of those brands or practitioners, I would be thrilled to hear from you! Please visit the contact page to say hello and let’s talk about what you need from a content creator and/or copywriter. 

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