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Spirit Daughter

A Venice-based lifestyle brand that empowers people around the world through accessible tools and teachings like the highly sought-after Moon Books


I've had the pleasure of merging my love for astrology and personal development while writing for Spirit Daughter.

With direction from founder Jill Wintersteen, I have written updates to website pages like About Jill, Moon Book Story and have contributed to the Sagittarius Full Moon, Gemini and Cancer Full Moon issues of the 2022 Moon Books.

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Sample from web page Moon Book Story

Why a Moon Book?

Spirit Daughter’s Moon Books were born from a natural evolution of Jill Wintersteen’s journey with astrology and the Moon. Part guide and part journal, these workbooks are her way of spreading the magic of cosmically aligned practices to touch and affect as many lives as possible.

The Moon rules our emotional body and intuition—both of which serve as excellent compasses when we tap into them. However, we often turn to more logical methods of sorting through our thoughts, seeking clarity in systems that don’t account for our human nature or unbound souls. A pros and cons list might be useful when deciding where to go for dinner, but not when you're standing at the precipice of a major life shift. Luckily, the Moon provides a framework that can ground and guide us through all seasons of life. 

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